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SOL Southwest Kitchen is a family-friendly establishment featuring indoor outdoor dining, food with bold Southwest flavors and “just juiced” cocktails. Our made-from-scratch dedication has made SOL a local favorite since 2013.

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SOL blends bold flavors of the Southwest with our own Southern culinary influences. We like to keep things fresh. With a focus on dishes that let seasonal ingredients and select spices shine. The real star of our kitchen is our wood fire grill, and all menu items—from sauces to salsas to handcrafted cocktails—start from scratch and are made to order. All tequilas are 100% agave, citrus fruits are juiced daily, and avocados aren’t cut until you order guacamole.


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With nearly 70 premium tequila selections we’re here to help demystify some of the hangups people relate to cheap tequila. From fine aged tequilas meant for sipping to premium Milagro tequila in most of our house margaritas you’ll taste the difference good tequila makes. Our margaritas blend freshly squeezed citrus juices, homemade sour mix and delicious ingredients.…and there’s not a bottled margarita mix in sight. Tequila’s not your thing? We offer a full complement of spirits, 16 craft beers on tap or choose from a hand-selected list of great wines.


I can’t begin to tell you how great this restaurant is.

Food is great, service is amazing and the drinks are perfect! I’ve eaten here several times and I never have anything less than amazing!!

LIZ K Rock Hill, SC

Every Sunday | 10am – 2pm

SOL is becoming the defacto neighborhood brunch spot for those looking for a little something different at brunch. Each Sunday morning the reclaimed cotton mill bar, outdoor patio and expansive indoor dining area fill with families and friends who have found SOL’s take on brunch to be unique and delicious. If you like flavor, you’ll love this brunch.

To the Editor :

As an academic pulmonologist who cares for women with lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) and directs a LAM Clinic, I find it provocative to propose, as McCormack and colleagues ( nike air jordan 4 gs black neon pink
) have, that LAM should be called a “low grade, destructive, metastasizing neoplasm.” The idea that LAM is a neoplasm, however, is not new and has surfaced in the literature for more than two decades. Yet I am faced with a level of uneasiness and confusion with the current declaration of LAM as a cancer. The authors express their own confusion through a series of questions that conclude by suggesting that the conventional labels, “benign” or “malignant,” be accompanied by the descriptive modifiers of a neoplasm. Does this make LAM a “cancer” or not if it is a destructive and metastasizing process? Does the statement, “LAM cells have growth-promoting DNA mutations, evidence of clonal origins, invasive and metastatic potential, and metabolic profiles” make LAM “entirely consistent with a neoplastic process”? Does the fact that LAM results in “remote tissue destruction, progressive respiratory failure and death or need for lung transplantation” further support LAM as a neoplastic process? I would propose that the jury is undecided. My decision is based on the fact that to date, LAM does not fulfill all eight hallmarks of cancer as described by Hanahan and Weinberg ( womens new balance black purple 410 trainers

So, what is LAM? The answers remain unknown to this question posed in Finlay’s editorial in 2008 about LAM ( girls air jordan 12 retro vivid pink shoe
): “What is it, where does it come from, and why does it grow?” Is cancer just anything that grows without control, invades locally and remotely, and causes tissue destruction? This is the National Cancer Institute definition of cancer, and in this regard, LAM almost fits the definition. Inappropriate proliferation and invasion controlled by hormones, particularly estrogens, is certainly a characteristic of LAM ( 4 ) ( nike air force 1 mid for men
). There remains a gray zone between uncontrolled proliferations and diseases like LAM, which only serves to underscore our current ignorance.

Figure 1. Is lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) benign or malignant? The diagram shows the diverse features of LAM that could be argued to support one designation over the other. The only common feature between them is inappropriate proliferation and invasion. LOH = loss of heterozygosity; mTOR = mammalian target of rapamycin; TSC = tuberous sclerosis complex.

Ernst Barlach is an artist and sculptor mostly remembered today for his works protesting against the war; looking at his World War Two-era works, it is little wonder that most of them were confiscated by the Nazi Party as Degenerate Art. His experiences during World War transformed him from an enthusiastic pro-war supporter, to an active anti-war protester, and he used the horrors he experienced during the Great War as inspiration for his works. For instance, his Magdeburger Ehrenmal sculpture of 1929, shown here, was commissioned to be a memorial of World War I. Instead, based on his own experiences of being mobilized in the war, Barlach sculpted a number of figures – including three German soldiers, a fresh recruit, a young officer and a civilian – all bearing the marks of the pain, horror, and desperation of war. This caused a great deal of controversy, and the attacks on Barlach in response to this work continued right through until his death in 1938.

In 1917, only three years after painting his first pure abstract, nike air force 2 low
was already being dubbed as the best of the new German artists. His works were particularly noteworthy for their sophisticated technique; Klee was heavily influenced by the Cubist art movement and by modern theories of color, meaning that his works always featured a rich texture of brightly colored triangular and circular patterns. In 1921, Klee began a successful career teaching art and ‘Form’ in the esteemed German academies Bauhaus and the Dusseldorf Academy, respectively. It was this success that brought him to the attention of the Nazis, who raided his home and ensured he was dismissed from his teaching post. Klee lost 102 of his paintings seized to the Nazis, 17 of which were featured in the 1937 Degenerate Art exhibition.

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was actually a supporter of the Nazi Party from 1920 onward and openly expressed negative views about Jewish artists. Unfortunately for Nolde, he considered Expressionism to be a distinctively Germanic style, and his paintings reflected this. On this view, he and Hitler differed; Hitler was strongly opposed to all forms of modernism, and over 1000 of Nolde’s works were removed from museums – despite the fact that, until this time, Nolde had been greatly esteemed within Germany. The heavy use of flowers and floral imagery throughout his works also reflects his continued interest with the works of Vincent Van Gogh – a fellow ‘degenerate’ artist. However, Nolde was not allowed to paint – even in private – after 1941.

U.S. album sales declined in 2017 as streaming continues to grow, according to nike air max 90 essential black grey mens trainers
released this week. The report found that album sales, including both digital and physical, fell 17.7 percent last year to 169.15 million copies, down from 205.5 million in 2016. Meanwhile, streaming once again soared, leading the overall music industry to growth, largely due to the significant 58.7 percent increase in on-demand audio streams over last year.

In total, on-demand audio streams surpassed 400 billion streams in 2017, compared to 252 billion in 2016, and overall on-demand streams, including video, exceeded 618 billion. This led to the music industry’s growth of 12.5 percent in total volume, over 2016.

On-demand audio streaming now accounts for 54 percent of total audio consumption, Nielsen also said, up from 38 percent of the total in 2016 and 22 percent in 2015.

Notably, that makes 2017 the first time on-demand audio has accounted for the majority of audio consumption*.

On-demand audio streaming has also now passed all other ownership formats, including physical and digital album sales and other digital track equivalents, for the first time in history in 2017.

The growth in on-demand streaming even contributed to a 20.5 percent rise in total digital volume in 2017, even while digital album and track purchases were down. With video and audio combined, on-demand streaming grew 43 percent this past year.

Not as surprising, Nielsen found that audio streaming is more popular on weekdays, while video streaming is tops on weekends.

Streaming’s growth is shaping the music market in other ways, too.

For example, RB/Hip-Hop’s popularity with streaming consumers – like those on air jordan retro 3 red and white stripes
Spotify, where air jordan 1 colorways 2018 crossovers
– has now passed Rock as the largest genre in terms of total consumption.

RB/Hip-Hop artists again led total volume this year, scoring 8 out of the top 10 spots for highest volume artists. Drake led with 4.8 million total track equivalents, followed by Kendrick Lamar (3.7M).

Ed Sheeran (3.6M) and Taylor Swift (3.4M), from the Pop genre, came in at number 3 and number 4 respectively, said Nielsen.

Streaming’s growth contributed individual tracks reaching notable milestones, too. For example, in 2017 there were 19 songs that reached 500 million in on-demand streams, compared with only 6 in 2016. (And 17 of those 19 tracks were from the RB/Hip-Hop genre).

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